We are not immune to HIV or HepC, or Herpes either

But the choices we make every day can and DO change the level of our risk. People take credit for when the odds bring them fame and fortune, but cry when they did stupid things over and over and won stupid prizes.

And nearly every "This poor Veteran went to prison for a joint's worth of weed" once you dig into it and look you see that the person had a deep criminal record to begin with, then was stupid enough to carry weed around in his car 24x7 while he was DUI and finally got pulled over the cops found the weed. Sure maybe they mended their ways on the burglary, armed robbery, aggravate assault, whatever but they STILL drove around drunk with weed in the car until they finally ran into a cop who would write that up.

Many of us are very fortunate that we did not get caught at the stupid shit we did as younger people. "OK Boomer" in many cases means we did stupid things, did not win stupid prizes every time, and decided to not play stupid games. Most of the people I did stupid things with back in the day are dead now. I count myself fortunate that I survived. Maybe blessed, I dunno.

I for damn sure not perfect now, but my exposure to felony arrest and conviction is an undefined expression as far as willful violations. it was X for arrests and convictions divided by the number of willful offenses. X/Y, today it is X/0...we cannot assign a risk factor for willful violations because there are none.


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