if you email a gmail account then google will read it
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unless you send it encrypted which makes them read it in a web browser so only the notice goes to the gmail account. Bottom line, you can't force everyone to use encrypted email but you can store your stuff encrypted and then when you book a flight google doesn't know you're not home, when you order a pizza google doesn't know, fuck them. Bottom line, eventually they will use everything they have on you to hurt you, one way or another. Make it harder for them. The other benefit from using the vpn is you can watch stuff on netflix or youtube that is blocked in the US. Also, fuck them. You'll never be 100% but do what you can, even when browsing. goog and facebook infect 80+% of webpages too. And they hate you much worse than HK hates you. How many of those fuckers would put you on a train?

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