I got threatened with small claims court

I bought a laptop computer on Christmas eve that I needed for work. The store was about to close, so I took a sales floor demo model. It turned out the CD-ROM drive was messed up. I got sick for a couple of weeks and went to return it after the 15-day return period had expired. The store wouldn't take the laptop back. I called my credit card, and they initiated a dispute. The store never responded, so the dispute was closed in my favor. Finally, a year to the day after I bought it, I received a certified letter from one of the store's paralegals threatening legal action unless I paid. I told my boss at work about it and proposed we just tell them the laptop will be available during normal business hours for them to pick up, or they could sue us, which would be more entertaining. He told me just to have the bookkeeper cut me a check to send them, so we'd be done with it. So, the store's assessment seemed to be that small-claims court was their route to take when they dropped the ball on credit card disputes.

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