It seems it isn't Youtube, it is our government *Link*
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They have recently passed laws that holds youtube responsible for illegal content, content that may do harm to others, etc. These laws also hold the content creator responsible. You do a simple video on how to sharpen a mower blade, and some dumbass sticks their hand in the grinder and a lawyers tries to bankrupt you. Illegal content like a video with a background music you don't own. Seems the main issue is COPPA, they don't want anyone collecting cookies from computers of kids 13 or under. Reminds me of a nephew once who wanted a web site to allow him use. Since he was too young, they asked him to get his dads credit card. His dad came unglued when he found out the credit card info was being asked for. I told him, just put down you are 18 and roll on. He did, worked like a champ, just like the Adult add on for firefox. Youtube video gets maked adults only by the flaggits, just press the A icon and watch it, no login required.

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