Just venting here. MIL & German Cousins are here for Turkey Day and...

The German eat & drink like locusts. I’m talking three trips to the grocery store this week including today which was a madhouse. MIL is drunk and nasty and fights with the wife. Fat German cousin also dented the speaker screen on my passenger door as a bonus. He also leaked my Christmas gift to my SIL that I had packed in his checked luggage (an automatic knife) and he has volunteered to cook Bernaise sauce for our dinner. Wife OKayed it against my wishes. I’ve seen him in action in Germany. He cooks well but makes a major mess for others to clean up. He has used all the butter we need for tomorrow and the current count is three pots, one frying pan, one bowl, one whisk, one ladle, six eggs, and one and a half boxes of butter...and hat the massacre continues. I’ve emptied the kitchen trash can three times a day this week. And cousin Carl is planning to cook us a German brunch on Saturday. The mess gets repeated once more. And the new energy saving dishwasher takes four fucking hours to cycle. Oh, did I mention that dishwashing is my job? Fuck me. Please let Sunday come sooner so I can put them on a plane East. I now know why the Russkies stomped their ass into the ground.

Rant over and Old Ezra is pored.

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