I want moar info first...
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But truthfully, right now, I haven't been in a CFA for maybe a year or so, easily more. I get pissed that I try to go there and the place is busting at the seams. Damn, all that jockeying to get a parking space, get through the order line and find a table gets my stomach riled up and ruins the experience.

I instead generally tend to go to the Indian buffet, which is heavenly, or the Hibachi Grill, which is also amazing, and has tons and tons of options. Maybe about the same as Asiana Grand Buffet in Asheville NC. Always a rare treat, because I eat like a foo', but dang do I surely like it. And I swear, I get out about as cheap as if I eat at CFA, which isn't exactly cheap.

But, ya, looks like CFA might be in for a little slappin' around.

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