I thought NY was a topless okay place...

...after the horrifying 'free the nipple' meat slabs kept protesting. But maybe it's what they are doing as part of a bidness.

Busty McHugetits reminds me of the time I ate in Port Richey Florida. Ate at a Hooters. Lil naive me hadn't really ever heard of Hooters, because there are about a bajillion places to eat in Orlando and surrounding areas, and I generally chase mom and pop places versus chain. But here I am, thinking big juicy burgers, and this slinky little waitress with gigantic pumped breasts, I mean, absolutely no undercrease, straight off the chest, comes up to wait on me. Braless under the little Hooters shirt, and smuggling marbles. Reeeaaally flirty, had a connection, but I was married and didn't want that connection. But those cans were stellar, though I really and honestly don't prefer huge ta-tas. Kind of distracting. Thought that she was just just chumming for tips, but then she gave me her number after the bill was settled. I guess a wedding band doesn't mean a whole hill of beans to some folks. I showed the number to my wife later and laughed, knowing that I was in for some hot territory-reclaiming sex later that night.

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