nope not modified BIO:

The Armalite AR7s go back well before the 70s and they released a number of different variants
the upper one was their Civilian Defense Weapon
They also made a M1 Carbine model
another was the Bolo Mauser pistol that the later Charter Arms Explorer II pistol was based upon as a concept
the Bolo Mausers used a standard Armalite rifle frame, BATF required Charter to change that with the Explorer II to a solid integrated pistol grip and the barrel alignment pin on the bottom so a pistol barrel would be upside down on the rifle

Costa Mesa did a number of one off AR7s as well as market testing pieces

all these are very scarce

If you scan though pre 70s gun mag advertisements there are pix of some of these that were being sold mail order prior to the GCA

The original Sionacs suppressed AR7s were Costa Mesa Armalite builds, well they were built on Costa Mesa rifles by Sionacs in the 70s

When Armalite folded they sold the parts, tooling and name to CH
initial guns were decent but they went through two or three generations, each becoming worse in basic QC
when I was into modern guns I used to be big into AR7s so have a ton of residual information

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