Me, too.
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I read the initial reports about the organizations that CF had STOPPED giving money to. I kind of choked up a bit. A lot of people, mostly kids, many of them black kids, were going to get shortchanged in some really great programs. I thought the weirdfags had actually hobbled themselves - I mean, them arm twisting CF to screw over these good outfits would make them look really bad. Also, why would CF bend to that?

So, I figured the boneheads on here got it wrong.

Now I don't think they did.

CF hired some social justice diversity talent to advise them and they recommended capitulation. Apparently, CF agreed.

But giving money to SPLC is enough for me.

The weirdfags will sacrifice anyone to destroy Christianity. For them, it's a war. Fine, be a weirdfag. I honestly don't care.

But when they push it, they go too far.

CF better backtrack. They WERE heroes.

CF, everywhere I've been living and working, was a good drive away. But EVERY TIME they got bad press from the weirdfags, I made it a fucking point to patronize them.



I hope their receipts do like Dicks.

I'll arm up and head to Popeyes and cut in line to start fights instead. I'll eat first, then just pretend to fight over a chicken sandwich. I'm not going to jail hungry.

I figure the hysterical press will sell a lot of Popeyes chicken sandwiches. People will figure they got to be good if people will fight over them.

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