Modern day Hottentot side show attraction... *Link*

I don't have anything against large but well proportioned asses. But not when they get to be caricature size of Hottentots.

In African culture, women in large ass county used to get lined up and men would chose a mate based on ass size. While I've never seen it written anywhere, I've often wondered if the long dongs of the men evolved because that length is needed to get the sperm on target, sliding past a grand canyon journey to the honey hole.

Circa 1810, the Brits discovered the first huge ass celebrity, Sarah Baartman. A Hottentot with a ginormous ass. She was the booty queen of her day, so all the public fawning over bizarrely big butts is nothing new.

British men flocked to her sideshow, to see something quite different from most European women. Pics at the link.

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