I was going to call you with a story

A buddy of mine that owns a shop here in MO had that happen. A guy in the Army stationed in Alaska bought a nice M1A from him waited the 90th day after the transaction so Gunbroker wasn't involved any more disputed the charge with CC. He saw the reversal at his bank (his mother-in-law is VP of bank and married to the Bank Pres) so the bank pulls funds back from CC company. CC company pulls funds back again from bank. He's going through steps got a copy of 4473 from dealer in AK where it was sent the short of it was CC company said F you and kept the funds. So he has local detective with PD look in to it....gets a friendly judge to execute an arrest with extradition order for the guy....meanwhile the guy got stationed back in the CONUS and living off base. A "favor" from local PD who paid a visit to his house, wife hands them the M1A, they pick him up, he gets hauled back to MO, stays in jail for several weeks since the judge was pissed by this time, dude was a complete asshat no respect for the court, by this time he's AWOL. My buddy got the gun back, got restitution for time spent dealing with him, the guy got the book thrown at him. No clue where he ended up after that. Turns out he had done it before scamming people. Sounds like he got what he deserved!


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