back in the days when I played amateur small business owner a client passed a bad check for about $500.

Office manager call client tells her the check got returned and client flat out tells manager to go fuck herself and NOBODY will chase her down for $500. Which, I kind of give the bad check passer some credit. Nobody, even a collection agency is going to chase her down for $500.

Fast forward about 6 months. Andrew Thomas, then Maricopa County Attorney announces that the MCSO and MC Attorney are going to pursue small crime like bad checks, if your business has received a bad check send in the info and they would follow up.

We send in info about a week later we get a call from the MCSO to confirm the info about the check and the person. 2 weeks later a replacement check with certified funds lands on our desk.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Officers went to the bad check passers house, knocked on door, nobody home, sheriff's office leaves info for person to call the sheriff's office, she calls and is told she had 5 business days to make the check good, next step was a warrant for her arrest.

The End.

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