you really don't understand these democrats, I'm afraid.

They campaigned on this stuff. I live up here, across the river from northern VA. There was a daily barrage of radio and tv commercials bleating about the nra-this and gun lobby-that, and ban this and ban that... Every event these commies campaigned at, they were talking about two things, and two things only - hating Trump, and banning guns. That's it. That was their WHOLE platform. And the people up in northern VA, which are just liberals relocated from someplace else, went for it completely. Doesn't matter what the rest of the state wants.

In order for this stuff not to come to pass, it's going to mean democrats have to have a split in their ranks. And frankly, there really just aren't any "rural" dems in VA anymore that would create that split. Just urban and suburban dems, and they were the ones who were going whole hog on gun bans.

It'll be interesting to see what has transpired in a year from now. I hope I'm wrong, and that you're right. But there is absolutely ZERO reason to think that, given what these assholes campaigned on.

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