Just so you know, file under future reference stuff:

If your future perp is in a more rural County often the best way to handle this is through the County Attorney's office

only done it with fraudulent checks written on closed accounts and just three times over decades
often Police don't give a hoot but they will act even if an ADA demands it, much less the DA
be warned, it takes some talent usually to get one of those people on the phone and expect to spend some time talking with them to get them to act

Having a cop show up is one thing, if that guy is under a DA's office direction it can really light a fire to make shit right
3 out of 3 it worked for me Pete

can't speak towards CC charges though

one case was completely innocent, guy used an old checkbook paying me for vintage motorcycle parts. Number on the check was even disconnected and Cops seemed to have about zero interest. County Attorney knew the family, next day the guy called me mea culpa blubbering then mailed a postal MO with an extra $100
Swap meat sale
guys wife dug around in her massive "purse" fished out a checkbook and wrote the note, I can assume it was a screw up

Saying this you will need to hold your breath, not be angry on the phone. They are doing you a favor if they do decide to do anything
just saying they can be an effective alternative to Police

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