Serious question

Do mentally retarded people KNOW they are retarded? Take that girl in the video. Is there an actual awareness of, "gee, I see that I am waaay below the mental acuity of everyone else, and I feel bad and depressed about it." I think, just based on my observations over the years, that they are not really aware or depressed about their state.

Before I get nasty replies, this doesn't mean I'm suggesting it's OK to make fun of them or to demean their humanity, I'm just wondering if for example whether they can "get their feelings hurt" to the same level that non-retarded people can, if say someone referred to them as a retard. It just doesn't look like it to me.

Even the Downs syndrome kids and teens I've been around seem oblivious that they're retarded beyond a general awareness that maybe they're different. I've never seen anything that looked like depression or despair or self-reflection or angst about their condition.

I'm not sure if knowing the answer to this question matters, but it's something I've sometimes wondered about. Especially in this new PC age where saying the word "retard" is forbidden, which is apparently forbidden for the same reasons "the N word" and other such words are forbidden.

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