That was great.

You had it coming.

My old dog bear got me once. Well, actually many times. I never learned.

I made two peanut butter sandwiches and a glass of milk. Settled in living room, take one bite of sandwich.

Phone rings in kitchen. Days of corded phones only. I take call. 20 minutes.

I return to living room. Sandwiches are gone. I sipped some milk, and with pb&j taste in my mouth, I figured I had eaten them. I thought it was odd because I was still hungry.

In comes Bear from the hallway and comes up next to me. I figured he wanted pet. I notice he has something on his chin.


He got me.

I made two more sandwiches and made a big deal about how good they were as I ate them in front of him, telling him he was a bad boy.

What's funny is, Bear would catch a rabbit or squirrel and if I tried to get it away from him, his reaction was far less humorous than mine. Now, he wouldn't bite me, but he would growl and snap. I'd laugh at him and ask him how he liked it...

The Vig is an opportunist. I love it.

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