anyone feel like trolling an RSVP list for an antigun event on Monday?

Y'all know me, but for reasons of OPSEC I can't use my actual handle for this one, because muh plausible deniability up in hur' !

So I received an email press release a little while ago. It's for a big anti-gun rally on Monday at the Supreme Court, the case being heard is NY vs. NYS Rifle and Pistol club. This is the first gun case the court has heard in a while, and the antis are masturbating furiously already. The email is from one of the organizers of the event, with her contact info.

The trolling opportunity here is at the very bottom of the press release - where it says "members of the media who wish to attend should email ____________ to RSVP"

The reason they ask this is they need to make arrangements for spacing for camera crews, including getting risers/platforms if needed, so they can get everyone who RSVP's a spot, and have audio feeds available for everyone. Otherwise, there's not enough room, and not everyone gets an audio feed of the event. So accommodating all the media who RSVP is very, very important. And expensive. Because audio mult-boxes and risers have to be rented, and renting stuff costs money.

So if the RSVP mailbox got buried in requests of people claiming to be journalists, bloggers, web reporters, documentarians, print photographers, and others, the event organizers would need to have a much bigger set up than they'd otherwise need. Or if the mailbox gets flooded with nonsense and trolling, they'll have to wade through each and every email to decide whether it's legit or not, especially if the fuck you doesn't come until the last paragraph. As long as the email title is something like "RSVP for Monday event", they'll have to read every one of them.

The email address is below. Remove the REMOVETHIS portion for the actual email address

Fire up those burner email addresses and let them know you'll be attending. If you want to throw in some credibility enhancing words and phrases, say something like "our bureau needs a spot for one ENG camera and tripod, plus a mult feed" or "Total of three crew, one photog, one audio tech, one field producer" or "will multbox sound be available?" or "Where is live truck parking?" "how long is the cable run?" "what time is crew call and set up?" "will there be a separate interview area for 1-on-1's?" Various not-too-well-known organizations you can throw the names of around are "Tribune Media" "Hubbard Broadcasting" "Gillette Media" "Cumulus Media" "The Washington Informer" "The Center for Independent Media" (a personal favorite, because its ANTIFA) "Mobilization for Global Justice" "ANSWER Coalition" "Betsy Riot Media" "Plowshares Media". Those are all actual orgs, but you can make up your own as well, to sew extra confusion. Throw in a phone number, too, for even more chaos, since they'll try and call you back to sort out the confusion.


Event organizer contact:





*********BODY OF EMAIL REDACTED********** (it was the standard bullshit you'd expect anyway, about who would be there speaking, various antigunners, Mom's Demanding Anal, that sorta crowd)

last line:

Members of the press (OR THOSE PRETENDING TO BE) who plan to attend can email to RSVP.