Keep dreaming.

They have at least two years to commit ass-rape, and they are going to push hard, make examples...bans, red flags, registration, mag limits, storage laws; they have published lists. The sheriff's may not comply, but State and local PDs will comply with subdued joy. Free guns!

Scofflaw? They are HOPING for that.

Sheriff's are not going pit their deputies against state police or municipal PDs.

Virgina gun-owners were apathetic, as was the Republican party. The NRA didn't show up, in spite of their HQ being in the state. $350,00 spent against millions by the Soros crowd? Wayne does look spiffy in his fancy wardrobe while jet setting to Europe and screwing interns.

You're big on the 'mark my words' tagline. Got some winning lottery numbers?

Because if your living in Virginia and own firearms, the Dems are about to have yours.

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