From my experience WV is rural and largely "poor"

old gal pal moved out there from up here four years ago for just those reasons with her guy who is a hard core Sportsman
She wanted the Shanandoah Valley, he said no close to DC and MD
wise Man

By "poor" I mean middle class
Virginia's transformation was totally predictable given proximity to DC, there was a flooding of this due to other in State enclaves such as Langley

Many guys here don't really get the middle class moniker
Many rural areas it can be well under 30K a year
Many areas under 50K buys a very decent home

in Urban influx zones we are dealing with folks who are starting at 70K through the door who have often totally Urban cultural value systems easily influenced by Blomberg monies
that want the cheap but seek to impose that big City morality upon their new home

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