The dude does not abide.

I can't stand drinking alcohol on the job by derps that do. I'm a raging non-practicing alcoholic with 20 years sober (AA gave me tools that worked) that even with my addiction, never drank on the job. Even when I was drinking, I would cringe when guys would have a few beers during lunch knowing we were heading back to the floor or the office.

I do PREFER to have a cup or two of coffee in me before any additional tasking at work upon morning arrival, but I view it as a luxury. I'm not there to drink coffee. I'm there to make my boss look good. I'll grab coffee when there is a lull. I do not NEED it, but I do enjoy it. Hey, I used to drink 32 cups a day. Really. At home, the pot was on duty from 6 AM to midnight. No health issues. I just woke up one day and thought, this can't be good. Same thing was decades ago. I drank 4-5 2 liter bottles of soda a day. One day I woke up and saw the bags of bottles (I saved them to fill with water to use as targets) and thought "Did I do that?" Went to 1-2 sodas a week.

I have my two cups in the morning and done.

Don't do Starbucks unless the R3V I'm up in wants it. I do Starbucks for star fucks on an as needed basis. I do grind my own beans at home, so I'm about 95% succesful at keeping the poon on the couch, sipping happily.

If coffee disappeared, there would be war...but I wouldn't be a proponent.

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