No way

That's not a Chicago pizza. Absolutely not. I never heard of that and the original owners of Home Run Inn would be rolling in their graves. Sounds like some dumb fucks tried to bank on the name for anyone who never stepped foot in Illinois let alone Cook County.

I had a so-called New York pizza in Dallas and it was thin crusted like a cracker and the extras were so ground up the waitress couldn't tell a sausage pizza from a pepperoni. Disgusting. What pissed me off was I was there because a organizer of a shooting group took us there because he said they had the best pizza. He's the type that has a Porsche tshirt with a Porsche key chain for his car keys and I think he drives a cheap Chevy. They're known as thirty thousand dollar millionaires. Phonies. I quit when I was talking gun rights to the other gun guys and he told me to not talk like that because they are "non partizan".

Sorry for the rant.

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