Mike is a killah.

Deniro is a punk bitch.

I really like Mike.

Mike used to frequent Scottsdale a good bit back when he was mired in mess ups. He just couldn't help know, he had the RIGHT to remain silent but not the ABILITY.

I wanted to go find him, walk right up to him and tell him he was better than he was dicking himself up and if he didn't shape up I was going to have to kick his ass. Then throw up my fists in a PeeWee Herman old English boxer stance and start circling him. I figured he'd think that was so funny (if he didn't knock my skull halfway to Hannigan Meadows) he'd actually talk to me. I felt so bad he'd been managed and directed like a pit bull - and he's really a decent man underneath that tormented little boy. I just saw that in him the day I learned of him on TV.

I LOVE George Foreman. There is no doubt Cassius Clay was probably the finest boxer that ever lived, but in my mind, George was the finest brawler. I watch the old fights on YouTube and those days were amazing times and I lived through them. Funny, even George says he was impressed with Mike and wouldn't look forward to fighting him. And I'd have hated to watch that fight.

Personally, I'd love to see Trump kick his mouthy ass, get him in a headlock and make him say "Please make America Great Again."

Yessir. I'm in for a C-note, and will volunteer to hold Bobby bitch up for three ten minute rounds. But I have to be able to thump on him, too.

Alec Baldwin is another one that could use his face flattened. And it's going to happen. He likes to pump up. Someone is going to drop him.

Rob Reiner is overdue for a beat down, too. What a zero he turned out to be. Carroll had him down right.

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