hahaha, yeah... I'm up to four now, plus my control sample
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I still haven’t done the concrete casting idea I had, but maybe next spring I’ll try one. I’m still using 5 gallon buckets, which so far so good, have worked out great based on the “control” sample I have stashed in the backyard.

In case anyone is unfamiliar with this, I’ll go into it here. Because all of us need to do a few of these and stash them away.

In a standard 5 gallon bucket you can fit a partially-disassembled PSA AR pistol kit with a 10.5” or 14.5” bbl (the 14.5 needs the FH removed), 6 loaded mags, a couple hundred 556 rounds on strippers, a Polymer 80 pistol plus 6 loaded mags, another couple hundred 9mm in a ziplock bag, a multitool, LED flashlight, barrel wrench (you need it to put the barrel back on the upper), some cash, and other small odds and ends. I throw in a dozen teabag size dessicant packs, and give a good long shot of nitrogen shielding gas from my welder before quickly putting the top on. I use RTV silicone caulk around the bottom of the bucket lid where it meets the bucket. I’m not sure the nitrogen purge is really effective or not, but my control test bucket I opened after a year of being outside in the open in the elements with no protection didn’t show any evidence of corrosion or discoloration on a bare piece of 0-1 oil hardening tool steel stored inside. Each bucket costs me about $900 for everything in it, which I think is a pretty good bargain. Over the last two years I’ve done enough where I think I’m good for now.

I specifically use the PSA 10.5 or 14.5 KAK shockwave pistol kits because those are the barrels that will fit in the buckets, and being a pistol, there’s no SBR issues. I use completed, unmarked 80 percent lowers and P80’s, because if someone digs one of my stashes up (not really worried about that, but still) none of it is coming back to me. Well, there’s always DNA evidence I guess. I wipe prints as best I can, and don’t handle the pistol ammo at all. The 556 on strippers probably has partial prints and DNA though.

I don’t include upper vise blocks because 1) they take up too much space, 2) I have a few already, and it’s unlikely they’d be seized because most people don’t even know what they are anyway, and 3) in a pinch you can do without them anyway.

Alternatively, you can leave out the AR, just go with a P80, mags and ammo, and use the rest of the space for a change of clothes, jacket and shoes.

I have four of these buckets with AR kits, pistols, mags and ammo buried, plus 2 more just with clothes and some cash. Two are very close to where I currently live, the other four are out in places where they are very, very unlikely to ever be discovered by accident. All the locations are on public lands (undeveloped park land, a wildlife research refuge, a highway median, river floodplain) where it’s virtually certain they won’t be disturbed. And I’ll be keeping tabs on them, obviously. These are places I go by at least weekly, so I’ll notice anything new going on.

I’ve marked them so I’ll be able to find them easily, but the telltales I’m using (3 rebar stakes sticking up about 6”) won’t work in places where people might be expected to walk through, because they’ll get found and pulled up, knocked over, pounded in or otherwise disturbed. The places I’ve done these caches are spots where almost no one would ever be. Someone finding the stakes wouldn’t necessarily know to dig between them, but if they pulled them out, I’d have a lot of trouble finding the exact spot to dig.

Digging a hole big enough for a 5 gallon bucket plus about 6” of soil overhead isn’t too hard to do. It’s easiest in sand, not too bad in gravel or riverbed soil, and really sucks in red clay or rocky ground. I learned that the hard way. After doing one stash in clay, I purposely only used places after that that were either sand/gravel or riverbed. You end up with about 1/2 wheelbarrow of extra dirt after burial, so I just sorta spread it around until it’s mostly gone.

Why am I doing this?

Because I live in a red flag state. And it’s dumb to have all your eggs in one basket. The USAF spent a shit ton of money scattering missile silos all over the country when it would’ve been far easier, cheaper and better to secure them if they were all kept in one spot. So if I ever get red flagged, well, I’ll loose what I’ve got here. But that’s all. I’ll NEVER be completely disarmed. Not ever.

When we locate from here in the future, I’ll go and collect my stashes. Until then, they’re staying put.

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