Movie Review: The Good Liar

I didn't really enjoy this film, but I don't care for pure dramas. It's about a scam artist who has his sights set on an old lady.
There is a twist that I deduced in the lobby when I was buying my ticket. Writers thought they were being clever, but the story is totally predictable. It's written like a mystery with major plot lines kept from the audience so as to NOT make it predictable and fails miserably anyway.
IMO this is a must miss.
I'll give it points for the superb acting and believable characters, but the story (part revealed later) is convoluted (in a bad way) and not very believable as a whole.
Deduct all points for "woke" faggot and interracial undertones at the end that added nothing to the story, but just pandered to "woke" retards.
Wife thought it was OK until the obvious "woke" pandering bullshxt.