Post WW2 Packaging for Long Term Storage

This type of "canning" was done right after World War Two by Springfield Armory, and others to store the surplus of World War Two Firearms. The canning is covered in one of the M1 Garand Books, its in either the red book or blue book by Scott Duff. I think its in the Blue Book (M1 Garand Post World War II).

There was an entire production line to can various weapons after they came out of overhaul from the armory. They designed the cans, the packing, and even made "can openers" that went with each batch of canned weapons.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base museum used to have a can of the Garands and also the only can I've ever seen of M1919's. There were 4 M1919's to a can IIRC, two up two down. The only place I ever saw a can of the 1911's was at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site (SANHS) in Springfield, MA.

I know of a collector that has a can of the Garands and a can of M1903's in his collection. He turned down $150K for both.

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