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Years ago, I had a class offered free to anyone who was a crime victim. Since it was free, I was doing a commercial for them. Two years ago, a friend had a free membership to hand out to anyone so he chose me since I could help on gas and lodging for the twenty hour drive.

They copied Gunsite since the instructors came from there and the model works. Well, it did at one point. They still continue to use 1980's methods such as Weaver and push/pull. That's not good at all. You can ignore that since most of the new instructors are told what to teach but you can tell they recognize what really works. For the rest of it, they taught me to draw and it works. They have you at close ranges and for giggles they'll have you shoot at a really, really long distance. I think it was 75 yards. They have to deal with people who never touched a gun before and others like me to have been to other classes.

The instructors are kind and patient. No military browbeating or bullying. You're the client. You are expected to be on time and they have a tight schedule. No time off and if you aren't getting water or loading magazines you'll be lost. They have a lack of instructors so class are about twenty to forty students. Some are on the two day and if you're on the four day, people disappear so the end of the class is halved. A lot of people spend the thousand for the class and it shows in the parking lot.

The weather isn't nice. It's hot, rainy, dry, windy, freezing and miserable. we were caught in a whirlwind and I couldn't see my boots. A hundred yards away, someone was saying, "Hey, look at those guys". We go in late spring or late fall. It can be glorious.

The classes are not fun and we do learn a lot but the certain aspects like push pull has to be erased if you don't ignore it.

Truthfully, I go because I am asked and I'm with friends and one nasty pos that I try my best to ignore. He's my friends cousin so there's that. You can go to any gun range, spend the money on ammunition and forget your ego and learn something. With YouTube there's all you need. We do some side trips that are interesting and I'm with married guys who don't gamble, drink or go the brothels. We stayed in private houses and the last was owned by a retired fighter pilot. His pictures from the fifties and the sixties were all over the walls with his mementos. The house slept eight people. His computer was open and I used it to look at his pictures and I was respectful for the use.

Yesterday, I upped my membership for fifty dollars and I was given an additional 500 points to use in their pro shop. I already had a thousand points from my given membership. Because of Black Friday, they added an extra ten thousand points. They last time I was there, they asked me if I wanted to use my points or cash for my purchase of their overpriced targets and books. I didn't know anything about the point system so I asked what was dollar to points? She told me each point is worth a dollar.

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