Our BOSCH front load washer, GE gas stove and Whirlpool fridge;
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The Bosch early on has had problems emptying between cycles and final spin. I found the only way to get it to the next cycle was to take the drain tube out of the standpipe behind the machine, wipe it off and BLOW INTO IT as hard as I can. Found that bit of advice online. It apparently unblocks the ball of lint that forms in there just enough to get it going again.

The GE natural gas stove has continued to leak gas into the house after all of the burners are off. We tried unplugging it to see if that would help. Looked it up online and found dozens of ambulance-chaser attorneys with ads for "Have you been injured by your leaking GE gas stove..." So until we find a replacement we have to pull it away from the wall to shut off the gas supply back there.

AND the Whirlpool four-door top of the line fridge that pees the floor every week or so, when water inexplicably fills the area below the bottom drawer then trickles onto the floor. Nice to go for something for breakfast and step into icy water.

And trying to find replacements? Shopping any and all of the retail outlets and looking at the "Comments" sections especially under "Worst Reviews" shows that NOTHING is reliable for any length of time anymore.

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