Just once I'd like to see a headstone marked....

"Worthless Piece Of Crap"

IIRC my step-uncle, who drunkenly killed himself while driving like Ben Hur on solid ice, has the inscription "Loving Child Of God" on his grave.

I used to maintain his grave for my mom's sake, but he was not a very nice guy. Sponged off women, beat them, took their money. But hey, some women seem to attracted to that, for reasons no one can fathom. He once got drunk and took a fire ax to her van. Chopped it full of gashes, sides and top. A neighbor called the cops. "Yeah, there's a guy here putting out a van fire with an as, but there ain't no ax." She declined to press charges. He once stole all the professional mechanics tools from another uncle, who gave him 24 hours to get them back or go to prison. He went to prison. And he was constantly on booze and drugs. The drunk driving accident? He got in an argument with his girlfriend, stranded her at the coast, then went on his kamakazi mission. 911 had dozens of calls of his insane winter driving. He slammed his little import pickup (this was the 70's so they were really small) into a big F350. Fortunately the woman and her daughter had only a few bruises, but he was so mangled the funeral home almost had to do a closed casket. When a cousin, who was a tow truck operator in his younger years, got mowed over by an idiot hit and run driver and lost the use of an arm and completely lost a leg, was in the hospital, he said hey just lay back and enjoy the drugs. Yet another uncle (dad of the victim) heard this and had to be dragged off him right there in the hospital. He was going to tear him apart. So yeah, not a nice guy.

And then, I found worse.

While going through my mom's estate, I found photos of his son he had with a girlfriend. This poor toddler had photos taken of him beaten literally black and blue over almost his entire body. And this went on for years. The moment this cousin could legally get away from the family, he up and disappeared. No one ever saw him again, though attempts were made over the years. He turned his back on that situation forever. I can't blame him. I didn't even know this until one of my sisters explained the photos.

So seeing "Loving Child Of God" on his gravestone really pushed my buttons. To the point where I've never bothered to visit that part of the cemetery again, though other relatives are buried there. It frankly needs to be changed to "Worthless Piece Of Crap" or "Drunken Thief And Beater of Women And Children". One of those broken people who makes the world a better place by leaving it.

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