Wife wants a duplicate of the car that got totaled.
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2018 Nissan Rogue SV premium package. Not a huge amount of those around.
Fxck those assholes, we won't be back. Dealer won't negotiate real prices on the phone, already went that route. Drove 3 hours to pick up a car and the out the door price increased $5000 when we got there to pick it up. Not even close to the agreed upon amount. Advertised price was $19,800, price out the door after "fees and taxes" was $25, 900. Fxcking "paperwork" fee was $900 for Gods sake. "vehicle inspection" was over $1500.
The latest one had low coolant. We told them pressure test it and we'll come back. They said they tested it and it was fine. We went back after a week and it was still low. So they take the car back in the shop and said it didn't need a pressure test, it was just low (WTF? Where did it go???) So they lied that they did the test the first time, then they lied and said it didn't need to be tested anyway. Icing on the cake? They topped it off with the wrong type of coolant and the coolant went from blue to brown. Dumbfxcks.
While we were walking out the manager has the gall to tell us we need to buy a new one if we can't deal with a few problems that come with a used car. It had 5,000 fxcking miles on it and we should expect problems??? Then why would we want a new one? Fxck you douchebag.
Fxcking car was still under warranty and they are a Nissan dealer. They could have fixed it AND GOT PAID BY NISSAN TO DO IT. Instead they do nothing and lie to us about it.
Already looked at new ones and another dealer blew them out of the water and it still wasn't a good deal. Totally not worth buying new when one that's a year old with low miles is $7,000-$8,000 less.
I keep telling the wife to just buy a POS because she is commuting with it and puts over 500 miles a week on the fxcker. At that rate even a new car warranty is gone in no time flat, and the value of the car goes in the toilet once the miles get high, but she wants what she wants I guess.

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