I avoid stealerships with one notable exception

I bought a car from one dealership by working with a salesman who was probably in his 80s and didn't have much to say unless I asked him something. I think he said he sold his first car in 1952. His father had died when he was around 12, so he went to work at early age to support his family. I never caught him saying anything the least bit dishonest. Whenever I asked a question that might require him to embellish the truth in some way, he'd call over a younger, more stereotypical car salesman to address the question, which seemed like an implicit way of him saying, "let me get one of our young turd polishers to answer that question for you." Once that was over, he continued to be completely honest with my other questions. He seemed to quietly respect his customers, and I certainly gained a lot of respect for him. I got the sense he read me like a book and knew every chapter and verse of what it would take to get me to buy a car from him, and he delivered exactly the sales experience I wanted. So, if you're going to buy from a dealership, my advice is to go to the oldest salesman you can find.

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