I love this line: “gun control advocates cheer, brought flowers and donut

They brought flowers and donuts to stores. NOT MONEY. NOT SALES. NOT RETURNING CUSTOMERS.

So the Mom’s Demanding Anal crowd showed up one morning with a bouquet and a sheet of glazed donuts, and that single gesture is supposed to offset the loss of me, who was formerly spending at least a couple thousand dollars annually in Dicks stores, huh? And all those other people out there just like me, with their hundreds or even thousands of dollars in purchases every year?

And then there’s this other gem: “sales are down, but profits are up” .... Now, I’m not a CPA, but I understand enough about running a business to know that that’s an unsustainable condition, because while it’s technically possible for something like that to temporarily occur because of various interconnected factors, the debt and revenue curves will intersect at some point farther down the timeline, and we all know what happens after that point.

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