Put some in a glass and smell it...

Now leave it set on the counter for a while. What happens? Smell it again. Is it different now?

My water stinks and looks slightly red-brown from the rust bacteria or whatever it is. If I do the experiment above it will become odorless and clear after a little while. My theory is the odor gasses off into the atmoshpere and the discoloring particles settle to the bottom. That doesn't mean it is bacteriologically safe to drink, which it may or may not be as I haven't had it tested for that. It does mean it's a whole lot more appealing. I have often thought about putting up a tank or cistern for degassing and settling but I haven't fooled with it yet. I haul drinking water only and I use the well water as it is for everything else. As you might imagine, the sinks and commode look like hell around here.

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