Our well was sulfur

This wasnt necessarily way cheap but it sure was simple. The Deep well pump, pumped into a say 1000 gal concrete tank. It came from the vault, septic tank guys. A float switch in the tank controlled the deep well pump. From the top of the tank to the bottom was a 4" PVC pipe. A little squirrel cage blower blew air down so it caused air bubbles to rise into the top of the tank. This blew 24/7/365 bubbeling away. A 4" PVC pipe vented from inside the tank through the well house roof. A small pump on a pressure switch and tank pumped from the tank into the houses. Simple as could be and beat the heck out of Over Chlorinating then Carbon filtering set ups .
Not once did the house or guest house smell of sulfur, and the water tasted great.
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