This is the best the Ds have??
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I like Trump, but if the Ds had run a real candidate in 2016 and not the detestable Hilldog, I think Trump would have lost. The Ds seem to be set to repeat history in 2020. All their candidates are dogs, with a possible exception of Tulsi Gabbard. And I really do not trust her, although Libertarians seem to like her. Then there is Democrat, turned Republican, turned Democrat, Michael Bloomberg, who is running TV ads attacking the wealthy, meaning Trump, but fails to say that he himself IS the wealthy, and could buy and sell Trump. Anyone that stupid can not win nationwide.

Are the Ds trying to lose? I believe the Ds wanted GW Bush to win in 2004, because he was a weak sister and they could, and did, use him to win back the House they lost in 1994, and set the stage for 2008 and 0bama and Socialized health care and rampant illegal immigration. Do they want Trump to win again to use him to keep the House and in back the Senate?

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