Female Basher
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You misogynistic dog, you. Do you not appreciate woman power while relinquishing the patriarchy? Do you refuse to wear a man bun, lumberjack shirts and a goat beard? You were not enthralled by the female version of Black Panther? Did Kristen Stewart's androgynous, boring delivery and unending sex appeal cause you to spew voluminous amounds of seed skyward upon all of the good follower soy boys in attendance?

Tell us, man. We're at least your nipples hard? Did your thoughts wander to submission and getting pegged with vigor?

With a rumored 50-55 million budget and a 13 million opening, it augered in not only in flames, but with pieces falling off.

Right into an overflowing dumpster in San Francisco that immediately caught fire.

And you sat through it, facing all of the wokey women fusillade of faux empowerment.

Surely your estrogen count went up.

Something altering had to happen.

Are you selling all of your guns?

Buying a Mazda Miata?

DVRing all Elizabeth Warren's campaign speeches? Fapping as you hear Kamala in your head insisting she is not a socialist?

You are a man's man for certain.

A true cinema Samurai.

You will survive the UTI.

Warriors heal.

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