Carvana worked for me

Best experience ever. Wanted a truck. Went online and took my time. Shopped for exactly what options I wanted. Found a 2016 with 27,000 miles at a very fair price. Very detailed descriptions and photos inside and out of the vehicles. Decided to buy.

Whole online process took like twelve minutes. Had the option to have it delivered to my house for free or pick it up at the nearby “vending machine”. Wife wanted to see that in action so picked a day and time appointment. Showed up and was expected/ greeted at the door. All paperwork was ready to sign. Very nice person who said he was not a “salesman”. He was there to complete the transaction and make sure everything was as I expected it to be.

Was given the keys to test drive. Truck was completely detailed and had a full tank of gas.

Minus the test drive I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Seven day return if not happy. And an extended warranty to boot.

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