The newer ones do it all.

They have a Cat6 connection port for a lan cable, can be used wireless, and have a usb port to plug in a hard drive with lots of music or video's / movies you might have. I use a Tablo over the air DVR and access it via the Roku as well. All roku's in the home can access the hard drive on the router or the tablo and watch or set tv recordings. The newer one is 4K, has a button on the main unit to locate the remote if misplaced. It also has a microphone button that allows you to speak and do a search. You press it and speak Clint Eastwood and it comes up with every movie Clint Eastwood starred in, and shows you where you can watch it and the price. Many times it is on Amazon or Netflix but it is also on several other platforms and shows that in the search. They have a standard headphone jack on the side of the remote, so if you want to watch it quietly without waking anyone, you plug a set of headphones or earphones into the remote and it automatically mutes the audio on the TV. There are tons of travel channels, fitness, cooking, etc. etc. etc. that are free. Some channels are a few bucks a month if you wan them and that is a great option rather than the old cable system where they charge you another 30 bucks for the next level up and you get 10 channels you don't want just to get the one you do.

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