No way I trade keyboard mouse for bar of soap.

I use my computer for far too much to go phone only. I have it connected to a 32 in HD TV that sits far enough from me I don't need reading glasses and can switch inputs for various other hdmi inputs. Some day they may make a cradle that charges your phone, bluetooths to your keyboard and mouse and displays the screen on your larger screen. While in the cradle it may be smart enough to save documents to a local network drive. Microsoft and Apple still make software and there are so many other high performance programs that will not work on a phone I can't see ever dumping my computer. With technology never say never, but I have serious doubts that I personally will get rid of mine. Some things I just don't want in a portable device that can be stolen, lost, or searched by a hacker or .gov at any time because it is always on line and now most don't have removable batteries.

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