Kids have easy access to just nasty crap these days:

Internet has changed EVERTHING

years ago you might have had access to a dog eared Playboy or the girls clothing section of JC Penny/Sear & Roebuck catalogs
Todays youngsters have instant access to unspeakable porn
Take safe search off any engine and hell you can find pages of K9, girls fucking Dogs

Live multilation vidz
Russian & Asian rape porn
you name it

friend of mine
They caught their 10 year old daughter sending pussy shots to her "boyfriends" phone

Gibson's movies are tame as hell compared to what kids get exposed to today
it's a huge part of why our society is imploding so fast

Mad Max and Road Warrior both have real mild rape scenes
then again some old Westerns had ones nearly as bad, just no titty shots
depends really on the boy himself in my opinion

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