I weighed the M3 bag and took a photo of it compressed into a ziplock bag. *Pic*

I was just thinking that it is so compact and lightweight that Destiny could wear it while fishing and it wouldn't get in the way or be burdensome and she could use the extra capacity of the 3 bags if she needed to for snacks,etc... The M3 bag in the ziplock weighs 0.745lbs or less than 12oz . I have it next to a can of root beer in the photo for size.

I keep a Vietnam era canvas butt pack full of 00 Buck and tracer 00 Buck next to my Ithaca 37 for taking care of varmints hiding in cover at night.I used to carry a cheap WW2 canvas gas mask bag with my lunch,snacks etc when squirrel hunting.A heavier bag will take more abuse if you're moving through bushes and briars.

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