U.S. Birth Rate Remains Below Replacement Level *Link*

..and it's because "we" running and paying for the show and working to make it happen have "woke" and realized that now it's "us" working to support, feed, clothe, and now elect "them" to "lead" us.


Back when; a few or our forebears yeah, went ahead and joined dozens? hundreds? of other countries importing the captured trouble-making warriors from the "Ivory Coast" and other African countries selling their own citizens/subjects into slavery to the Portuguese and other sailing merchants.

Some of our forebears soon discovered why they were sold in the first place.

There was a "back to Africa" movement and some were repatriated but it was too late.

Wealth transfer started in earnest with the commie FDR and his "New Deal" but really got going with LBJ in the mid-60's to give us the political shitstorm that prevails to this day.

I never owned slaves, and a cousin's genealogy study tracing us back to near medieval Switzerland/northern Italy/Provence France shows none of my forebears owned slaves either.

And yet, all my life I and my family and everyone else stupid enough to be gainfully employed and pay taxes have subsidized this protected class, while politicians keen on getting their votes have promoted THEM above US. And tried adding a guilt trip on top of that.

F- this. It began dawing that what whi-folk are doing by having children is passing that "white man's burden" onto their children and grandchildren. With not only no return, but with that gov.or subsidy underwriting inner-city murder, rape and bedlam and making even NOTICING all of this RACIST!!!!


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