Go shoot was best advice

Yeah, I know. We have a garage full of ammo, things look really good economically, if we don't screw up and assume trump will win the election, why buy more ammunition.

Well, we don't need to. It's not like thousands of zombies or mentally disturbed people are hunting us. I notice a box of ammo and think there's no way even in a full out war, I could use all that.

Now here's where reality might come in. I have 18,000 rounds through one pistol. I train on Wednesdays and have three matches a month. It adds up. My mailman hates me because Berry's Bullets come to the house with 4,000 bullets every three months. My progress is slow and I keep going back to really bad habits like yanking the trigger or no using sights at close ranges. But I am getting there.

I knew a guy I helped move from Texas to Montana. He had enough ammunition his fifth wheeler trailer had ammunition boxes that were three and a half layers high. I never saw him hit a target in all the years I knew him. Not once. We had targets set up and I handed over my Browning 1886 lever rifle in 45-70. I took extra care in the loading of that ammunition. It had a select bullet weight and the powder was selected for a clean and accurate burn. He ripped off all the cartridges in the tube in a couple of seconds, hitting all over the bern and then handed it back to me. His expression on his face was bored and like the experience was a waste of his time.

I don't suggest not buying things we want or need. I would suggest we have a goal to set with all that ammunition. Train, rotate the ammo and have a goal to improve the skills.

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