detailed review from a trusted friend.
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Review from a trusted friend....So I didnt even bother....

I watched the first episode last night. Extremely disappointed. Actually has little to do with the original comic series. Blatantly racist and politicized show where the bad guys are a group of middle aged rural/southern white men ("7th calvary") and the heroes are a black masked police force and their leader is a black female heroine from Vietnam.

It's a future where there is racial and gender harmony but for ignorant, evil white males (Trumpsters) who kill masked black cops (Antifa) and so the white males are hunted down and summarily executed.

It's a future where blacks have a higher standard of living due to racial reparations (not kidding). The primary problem in the world is "white supremacy" mentioned several times during the show. There are white males, of course, on the "good side" but they are flawed -- they are either nice but ignorant/uneducated or are flawed -- white male "good guy" leaves the dinner table to snort some cocaine during a get together with other families. But don't worry -- he is hung and disposed with during the first episode.

There is even a scene at a school where a 10 y/o white boy is a bully who makes fun of our black female heroine asking if she participated in the "reparations". He is immediately attacked by a 10 y/o latino girl for that remark (she is meant to be the crowd favorite) and is reminiscent of a young AOC.

This show is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Has nothing to do with Marvel or DC comics. Rather it's a show which attempts to further a political liberal narrative about who the real good guys and the bad guys are in our current society. I was shocked and angered.

Don't believe me, check out rotten tomatoes. As you would expect, critics give it 98% approval, audience 48%. Oddly enough, rotten tomatoes will not let me login to rate and comment on the show. Wonder why?

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