We're already here. Try saying these in public, today:

Being thin is good for your health
Fat women are ugly
In an ideal world, a kid should have a mother and a father
Gay marriage is unnatural
Very young kids should not receive sex education, or be shown anything about LGBT people
Kid’s TV should not have gay people in it.
It’s OK for men to express that they find a woman attractive
Men are physically stronger than women, and there’s many jobs women shouldn’t do because their lack of strength will have a negative impact
Having kids too late is not a good idea for women
A single mother having multiple kids from multiple men is a bad thing
Being a white heterosexual male doesn't give you privilege.
Men use logic.
There's only 2 genders.
Claims of sexual assault/rape should be verified.
The solution to uncontrolled immigration isn't to build more houses, schools etc, it is to control immigration.
Homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt.
Transgendered people have mental disorders.

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