Too late for other Dems to enter now:

Let's look at this a bit...

Bunch of them are waiting for two voices to speak out and endorse
One is Hillary Clinton but the HUGE one is Obama

Obama is clear he believes that some canidates have moved too far, too fast to the radical Progressive left to be very viable in 2020
His comments were directed at Sanders and most acutely Harris/Warren

Mayor Pete is an Ass Pounder and proud
this is a great part of why he is unpopular with Blacks and Latins
His electability is Nada
Electing a gal is an uphill battle
Homosexual ?
Not going to happen any time soon

Bloomers is NOT trying to run
my opinion what is going on is he can spend his entire fortune now campaigning against Trump as well as Sanders & Harris
Remember he was the Stop & Frisk Mayor of New York and is on recent record regarding going hard after Marijuana
Zero minority support for him, Progressives detest him

That leaves Crazy Uncle Joe
likely both Obama and Hillary will get behind Biden. Same with Bloomers eventually and Trump will eat him alive in the Debates
Remember Biden has ran for President twice before when he wasn't half crazy

Biden will need to align himself with a hard left Progressive as his VP pick to bring the party together
sort of like what McCain did in choosing whats her name
that usually don't work well at all

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