Narwhal man to receive award and is honored *Link*

By POLAND...... Fucking Brits

Tusks for Everyone!
Word is that Groot and Crimesha are looking into arming the CPD like this guy:
Poland says it will award its highest medal for sacrifice and courage to a Polish national who played a key role in preventing the London Bridge attack from escalating further.

A spokesman for the country's justice minister, Zbigniew Ziobro, said on Twitter he would request the bravery honor from the country's president. He added that the man — known only as Lukasz— "risked his own life" and "helped to overpower the terrorist."

British media reported that Lukasz, who works as a chef, snatched a 1.5-meter (5 foot) narwhal (whale) tusk from the wall of Fishmongers' Hall as Friday's stabbing attack unfolded.
No guns, no Tasers, no batons - just narwhal tusks.

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