Everybody likes to say this, but its not really true.

Case in point, the SP89 was a pistol variant of the MP5k back before Bush's Import Ban which gave Muhrican shooters the chance to enjoy the MP5 series. Banned by name, they still put effort into the SR9 series to rename it and make them Ban co pliant so as to keep I porting them. Even during Clintoons AWB, HK designed a semi only version of BOTH the UMP45 and the G36 (* USC and SL8, respectively). Yeah, they had butthole stocks and 10-rnd mags, but that was easy to subvert and get something very very close to the German MIL counterpart. Throughout this period, HK remained compliant with US laws when they didn't have to imort anything here, at all - but they did. Then, in 2017, they I ported a NEW pistol, the SP5k which was easily converted into a sear host by just welding up the ramp on the factory supplied carrier. This is a full French Spec bolt head, roller retainer, et al and is the latest and greatest - just in time for users who popularized the dubious Arm Braces.

Now, here they are with a new pistol SP5 easily converted for sear use and once again scratching the itch of CoD and subgun enthusiasts here in Muhrica.

Do they hate us? Clearly not. Is their stuff overpriced? Clearly. Is there a market to be leveraged? Absolutely, and you can be sure they've kept up on US laws to be sure they can compete just like they always have. This only covers the SubGuns, recognizing that they've also catered to the US market with their pistol lineup, too.

HK doesn't hate you, and in fact, their service has gotten a lot better over the years.

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