I just put four Amcrest cameras on the corners of my house

Overall not a bad deal. I put in the ones that don't use WiFi, heard that the WiFi ones can drop their signal and not get it back until you get home to reboot them (which is inevitably afte the crook crashes your door, steals all your stuff, and leaves). This system has a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a 6TB disk, should record for a month or more before it starts overwriting its earliest data. Added a cheap WiFi router AFTER the recorder so we can see the cameras' images on our phones, computers etc.

Interestingly, the system has already begun to pay off. Three days after I got most things hooked up, one of the neighbor's garbage can disappeared on the day the garbage trucks come. I wasn't even sure if the system was recording, I had just gotten it to where you could see the camera images on the monitor, I hadn't yet checked the recorder. Turned out that it defaults to "record", and we were able to rewind and see some beautiful pictures from the driveway cam, of the garbage truck picking up the can with its mechanical arm, dumping it into the truck, and then driving half a block before it occurred to them to set it down again. Got the can back safe and sound.

The driveway cam is an 8MP bullet cam, the rest are 4MP bullet cams. All of them outdoor types. Stringing the cable for them is a chore, it's a good idea to put them in conduit so the wind/frost/etc. won't tear them off. But at least you need only one cable per camera. The ones I chose get their power through their Ethernet signal cable ("PoE"), so you don't have to string an additional power cable for each.

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