Two guys urinating on the terlert seats at work...

After a year of occasionally seeing piss on the toilet seats at the office, I finally discovered two of the culprits last month. Right before the Christmas Holidays. One is a big fattie who steps on the scales right at 375lbs, and the other is a red headed Irish looking late 20's something hipster. I tipped off the building janitor because he is a righteous dude who I've known for years.

I tend to take a leak or a dump right after lunch at work and I kept seeing these two guys coming out of the stalls while the rest of us are standing at the urinals. Both come in, walk into a stall, close the door and piss all over the seats. And then walk out. We have auto-flush in the crappers so at least the toilets get flushed. Neither one seems to be wearing a colostomy bag or impaired in any way health wise. They just stand and piss all over the seats.

Well yesterday both got called out by the janitor, of all people. Janitor was taking a leak at a urinal and saw fatty and Irish boy both come in a piss all over the seats. And Janitor dude had enough of their shit (or piss). He followed both back to their offices and ratted them out. He took pics of the seats after each one left and showed them to their company reps.

One of them is now a former employee of our company (He didn't work in my unit, apparently he is a minor contracts employee). They walked him out the door right at Noon today. Fatty Piss boy got all upset and started cursing the boss and that was that. Red head Irish boy works for a local General Contractor across the hall and the office MILF apologized profusely to the janitor and promised to take it up with the company boss.

Who the fuck pisses all over the seats these days? If you don't want to touch the seat use your foot. Or a piece of terlet tissue to lift it you fucking animals.

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