My personal experience at the courthouse here
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Decades ago worked downtown parked in a large underground garage two blocks away. Worked late one winter night big jacket, hands jammed in pockets to warm up, walked to staircase heading to lower levels when some perp spun out of the shadows and put a pistol to my face. He was wearing a neck warmer that he'd pulled up so only his eyes were visible. We locked eyes for what seemed forever. Couple of seconds later a group of folks chattering loudly began walking up the stairs from the lower levels. His eyes briefly flicked off to that direction, then back to me and he spun around and ran off.

Next day reported it to police, the cop talked about availing myself of the new CCW laws, and I took him up on it immediately.

Couple of years later I was called for jury duty again. The previous time, one day the trial went long and we were let out after dark and the approved lot was two blocks away. Downtown, at night. Very unappetizing. So this time arrived early for jury duty told the cop at the door why I was there, and also, are there any lock boxes for my CCW??

HE LIKED TO FREAK OUT. "You can't be in here, you're already committing a felony, you can be thrown in jail today"...blah blah blah. Finally I calmed him down and he actually replied:

"Hey, this is downtown of a nice city. What could possibly happen?"

My reply: "Says the fellow WITH A GUN ON HIS HIP???"

I started to recount the story of the parking garage a few blocks away but decided he wouldn't give a shit.

So, went back to car, locked CCW in the trunk and did my jury duty. Later heard from an employee at the courthouse that the "employee entry" and the one for the judges do not have metal detectors.

It's this kind of duplicitous SHIT that gets to me too. Legislators can pass feel-good laws but if a citizen gets mugged or worse killed because that law disarmed them. "Oops, too bad, so sad."

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